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We Stock Top Mattress Brands!

We stock quality mattress brands, at low prices. You don’t need to break the bank to indulge a little.

King Koil Mattresses

King Koil advertises as America’s mattress king, and for good reason. The brand features a range of bedding types including innerspring, memory foam, or hybrid for instance. The brand’s top collections also include World Luxury, Extended Life, iMattress, Duck Dynasty, and Posture Sense.

Symbol Mattresses

We are an authorized retailer of Symbol mattresses. You’ll notice a pattern with us, and this includes handpicking quality and affordability for our customers.

For Students and Parents

Students and parents love us because of our budget-friendly prices, our wide assortment of styles and colors, as well as the quality of the pieces vetted by our owners. Whether you’re renting a local apartment or bunking in a dorm room, we can all agree that our home’s furniture and design can influence how well we perform at work or in school.

A cluttered or bare room for instance, can mean restless nights and poor performance in the classroom. We are huge supporters of WIU students and education in general. Don’t lose sleep with poor-quality furniture. We have the items and brands you want – at great prices.

*Same Day or Next Day Delivery Available.


*Same Day or Next Day Delivery Available.

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